Saratoga Capital is a private,
hard money lending source
for California real estate
loan brokers and real estate investors.

Saratoga Capital, Inc. provides California real estate loan brokers, as well as owners and investors in real property, an in-house private money lending source for equity loans or sometimes referred to as hard money loans.

Immediate funding on loans to $5,000,000.00

Non-recourse loans

Simple qualifying hard money loans
Interest-only or Amortized
Fixed interest rates
1st and 2nd lien loans. We will take a position behind a large first loan
Not enough equity? We’ll use multiple properties as security


Corporations, LLC’s, Trusts, Estates, Partnerships are all ok

Please call us directly for our most current rates or to discuss your financing needs. And remember, we base our loan decisions on the value of your property. That is why we are called The Equity Lender.