For more than 30 years we have provided California real estate loan brokers a direct, private money lending source for short to medium term equity or hard money loans.

The funds derived from our interest only loans, secured by California real estate, are utilized by borrowers for numerous reasons. We frequently make second loans behind existing first loans, but often make first loans to those who may not qualify for institutional or bank financing.

We are fast when time is of the essence. We are creative when dealing with extraordinary requests because Saratoga Capital, Inc. is the lending source – not a mortgage broker.

About Saratoga Capital Inc.

We are very competitive when lending on viable income producing apartment and commercial properties and/or readily marketable qualifying single family dwellings (Non-Consumer loans as defined by the Federal Reserve under Regulation Z, Truth in Lending).

We like Jumbo apartment loans ($1 million to $5.0 million).

Our Hard Money loan rates, terms and conditions are very competitive. We attempt to tailor make a loan that fits your requirements.