Hard Money Commercial Loans – Office Condominium – Los Gatos, CA


36 months
No prepay after 12 months
Los Gatos, CA
  Property Type
Office Condominium

Hard Money Commercial Loan – Office Condominium – Los Gatos, CA

Saratoga Capital, Inc. was the lender on this Hard Money Commercial Loan on a Office Condominium in Los Gatos, CA.

Loan Purpose:

Why the Broker chose Saratoga Capital, Inc.
Saratoga Capital, Inc. president made a quick visit. Being familiar with the location it was an easy YES.

This is a perfect example of the benefits of a private money loan. A single decision maker who knows California real estate and has the funds available to loan immediately.

California Real Estate loans only.
Saratoga Capital, Inc. offers Tenant Improvement loans in California on qualifying property.
Our rates are among the most competitive.
Our goal is to have continued relationships with real estate professionals and mortgage brokers in select California markets. Even after making private money loans in California for over 40 years, we are still in it for the long-haul.